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Parenting styles in parents.

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The family becomes that propeller rocket that begins its takeoff from a very early age, and from a very young age we get to know how our parents raised us, their way of speaking to us, their way of interacting with us and even their way of correcting us, all these factors fit into a parenting style used.

We find parents who “pamper” their children, others who “are severe and apprehensive”, without a doubt they are polar opposites, but we also find those who are in balance in this position. Have you ever stopped to consider what your parenting style is? How does your upbringing affect the development of your son or daughter?

There are many styles of child-rearing. We will look at the four most commonly known, which show the way in which we raise our little ones and the characteristics and main behavior systems of these styles.

Firstly place we talk about Authoritarian Parents, this type of parents tend to be apprehensive and demanding to the degree of inflexibility in controlling behavior. The rules they create and the excess use of them, means they usually raise irritable, apprehensive, fearful children, vulnerable to stress and no desire for growth.

On the other hand, we have the Permissive Parents. These parents are affectionate but very relaxed regarding the upbringing of their children since they do not control the activities that their children carry out and there is no requirement of appropriate behavior in certain situations.

As a result of this permissiveness, we have impulsive and rebellious children, who tend to show low self-esteem and limited self-control, reflected in their aggressiveness and little effort to achieve success.

Negligent or absent parents, as their name implies, tend to neglect the upbringing and development of their children. They usually show rejection and little affection towards their child. The little or null establishment of normal limits encourages the child to develop inappropriate behaviors, low self-esteem, little confidence and security.

Finally, we have authoritative parents or Parents with Authority, they show to be affectionate and offer their emotional support to the child, but at the same time they promote the establishment of firm rules and limits for their children. They tend to try to control their children’s behavior through rules, dialogue and reasoning with them. It is very important to recognize that a fundamental pillar is that they allow the minor to be heard. So children tend to be friendly, energetic, autonomous, curious, controlled, cooperative and more likely to succeed.

What style of parenting do you practice?

Have you ever wondered what parenting style you practice? Without a doubt, there is no manual for being parents, but there are currently many support networks and specialists who can help you with the proper upbringing of your son or daughter, for this you must get the right tools to make parenting a lifestyle positive and with long-term benefits for your children.

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