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Self-esteem, a key to personal development.

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On more than one occasion we frequently use of the word self-esteem, either because it is low or high, without a doubt the connotation of this term goes beyond what it seems.

Unfortunately we use it lightly without being aware of its true meaning. Self-esteem broadly implies the respect and consideration that one has towards oneself. In addition to these characteristics, self-esteem requires certain steps to be considered adequate, some of these requirements are: self-knowledge, self-concept, self-assessment and self-acceptance.

Low self-esteem can be related to the lack of consideration and insecurity towards oneself but also to the little knowledge that we have of ourselves. This can lead to a distorted perception of ourselves and therefore of others. As a consequence, we can isolate ourselves, avoid socializing, and repress emotions and feelings out of fear.

We also avoid fully enjoying what we really want. We promote self-esteem by learning to recognize the tools we have and exploiting them for our benefit, surrounding yourself with pleasant and positive people has a beneficial
effect on our security and emotional stability.

We can work on our weak points or “Achilles’ heel” because we recognize that it is that area in which we must focus. And we can practice empathy to obtain a perspective different from ours that allows us to grow and learn from our attitudes and behaviors with the intent of continuous improvement.

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