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Miomas e infertilidad

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Uterine myomatosis or leiomyosis, also know as fibroids are benign tumors (that do not cause cancer), are most common in women of reproductive age. Its size, location, and symptoms are variable.

From a gynecological point of view (not for reproductive purposes) they are treated with drugs or surgery only if they are very large or if they present a lot of symptoms (heavy bleeding or frequent and prolonged cycles).

For  patients who want to become pregnant, we recommend surgical treatment in:

  • Submucosal fibroids (always in this case).
  • Intramural fibroids (greater than 5 cm), in cases of fibroids with very large sizes, we recommend using medications to reduce the size of the fibroid before surgery. The type of surgery could be open, laparoscopic, or hysteroscopic, the decision to recommend an approach will be the location and size.

The treating physician will recommend an appropriate option for each case. 

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