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The endometrium pattern depends on oestrogens to produce a growth of the endometrium up to 11 mm. Progesterone, on the other hand, changes the endometrial pattern from proliferative to a secretory endometrium. If menstruation occurs, it is to be assumed that an ovum was released not fertilized.

However, the important fact is to recognize the follicles (where the ovules are found) have a growth phase that ranges from 5 mm to 18 mm (usually on day 12 of the menstrual cycle), then the elevation of a hormone called LH occurs and later the rupture of the follicle with the release of the ovum (known as ovulation). Fertilization may occur during this time.

So when the patient does not ovulate it is due to two situations:

a. The follicle does not grow and the egg remains immature (inadequate FSH levels)

b. The follicle does not rupture and the egg is not released (inadequate LH levels)

To solve this we recommend the appropriate medication which will allow regular ovulatory patterns in a women’s cycle.

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