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I want to be a mom, does age matter?

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ARTs (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) have helped many women to become pregnant who have not been able to achieve it under natural conditions.

The ideal age to achieve pregnancy is between 27 – 33 years and many patients achieve the dream of being mothers at those ages. Different causes such as hormonal, lack of ovulation, obstruction of the tubes/cervix, endometriosis amongst others, have delayed pregnancy.

For men, reasons such as altered sperm, obstruction of the vas deferens, diabetes and other issues mean pregnancy has not been achieved in these stages of life.

It has been shown that the number of eggs and their quality decreases with age so that many patients and their partners (because the quality of semen is also altered with age) present some degree of difficulty. Pregnancy can also be achieved after the age of 35 through appropriate counseling, at UR Managua we assess the couple individually for potential conditions and proceed to discuss the best options to achieve pregnancy.

Generally,  pregnancy can be achieved up to 45 years of age (using the appropriate technique). Before starting the process, the patient receives counseling on both gynecological and non-gynecological diseases that can go along with advanced age (fibroids, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc.) and their possible involvement during pregnancy. 

Not all patients respond in the same way to treatment, likewise, there are patients who are 45 years old who have normal pregnancies and we have 30-year-old patients who present threats of miscarriages or complications of pregnancy (pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc.), so it is important that couples make their own decisions together with their doctor.

Regardless of the age at which you decide to start the pregnancy, close monitoring with a specialist every 3-4 weeks is important to ensure adequate progress. Consult with your attending physician about treatment options and possible age-related risks. 

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