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Cancer in women without children

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Cancer in women continues to be a global concern. Despite scientific advances, some cancers lack definitive diagnostic markers, so prevention and early diagnosis remain the cornerstone to improve patient survival and cure rates.

It should be noted that progress in research has made it possible to improve chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunomodulators, monoclonal antibodies, hormonal therapy, and surgery; which is why many women cancer survivors and their oncologists also consider issues regarding their quality of life after treatment, including the possibility of having children.

The reality is that the haste to start treatment, both due to the stage at the time of diagnosis and the type of cancer (aggressiveness), often puts reproductive desires on hold and focuses on the problem in the short term, that is, treating cancer.

One of the techniques that we use most frequently in assisted reproduction is to freeze eggs or embryos to guarantee that their eggs can be occupied afterward, once cancer has been eradicated.

This process is important to carry out between the cancer diagnosis and before the start of cancer treatment (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.) It’s important to note the process will not last longer than 15 days and will not delay your cancer treatment. If the patient has already started radiation or chemotherapy, the number of eggs obtained to freeze is much less than those obtained before the oncological process.

On a daily basis, patients who have survived cancer contact UR Managua, wishing to have children. We generally carry out hormonal studies to see their ovarian reserve and determine their possibility of achieving pregnancy using their own eggs. If the reserve is very low, we recommend egg donation. Using your own eggs is possible (but it will depend on how many chemotherapy cycles you have, the type of drug, and the radiation doses received). In recent months we have worked closely with oncologists to freeze eggs before chemo, this improves the chance of achieving pregnancy after the cancer is cured.

 Freezing your eggs or sperm BEFORE CANCER TREATMENT ensures you can use them after treatment and improves your chance of pregnancy. 

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