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Pregnancy, a new emotional adventure

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As soon as your doctor tells you “you are pregnant” or your pregnancy test is positive, you start a wave of new emotions and feelings, love, joy, euphoria, satisfaction and even worry and fear. The latter is very frequent because it begins to doubt about the capacities that you will have as a mother, which is very normal.

All the emotional experiences that are experienced during this period are explained by a hormonal basis. By not receiving the same levels of hormones as always, the brain’s neurotransmitters are altered, this causes the emotional part to intensify, gaining greater strength and intensity.

During the first trimester period of pregnancy, basic emotions such as joy, worry and uncertainty are often experienced. Beyond the enthusiasm for being a mother, this new state alternates with frequent mood swings, fear and signs of anxiety. These emotions in conjunction with other environmental factors can affect or unbalance vital areas such as self-esteem (self-image, self-perception, self-confidence) and sexual desire.

Contrary to the previous period, during the second trimester of pregnancy, most of the hormonal changes have achieved a balance, this implies that you will experience a period of tranquility and, above all, emotional stability. Your thoughts will be even more positive, there will be an increase in sexual desire and status, it also implies greater vitality and energy.

In the third trimester do not worry if the anxiety and fear you had when you heard the news of your pregnancy reappears, you will feel even more sensitive and uneasy. The “nest syndrome” may appear , a compulsive need to clean, order and prepare everything for the baby’s arrival. Another important factor of fear and uncertainty is childbirth (a functional fear) and what it implies.

Like all experiences, emotions of all kinds are taken into account and the proper
management of them in accompaniment with a system or support networks will allow you to feel calmer and less tense. It is also very important to recognize that requesting help from a mental health professional will provide you with more tools for adequate emotional management.

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