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Anxiety before pregnancy

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Anxiety is a natural state in human beings that appears at different stages of their life. Since women, biologically go through the pregnancy process and are the most responsible for the physical care needs of the infant, especially in the early stages, they are biologically more prone to anxiety.

Anxiety prior to pregnancy may occur when there is a delay due to infertility problems since the processes of achieving pregnancy can be extremely stressful and the delay often causes tensions.

Stress is one of the emotional states that causes the most anxiety and negatively affects the natural processes of conception and assisted reproduction treatments. This stress is due to expectations and resulting emotions, including guilt and frustration.

Severe stress may occur due to a delay or “failure”, as well as a feeling of frustration when we put high expectations on when pregnancy should be achieved.

This situation of anxiety and all the emotions that accompany it become a negative psychological spiral that directly affects the physiological processes of ovulation. We must consider that as anxiety is a normal state in the human being and of course, it is normal for it to appear prior to pregnancy. However, we must be aware of the warning signs that indicate a woman needs psychological help during her pregnancy when anxiety levels exceed the range of normal and self-coping strategies have been exceeded.

Therefore it is very important to recognize these signs and seek specialized help when needed, since proper management will favor pregnancy outcomes.

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